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AV Vegas Opens Laughlin Event Center with New JBL VTX Speaker System

Crown 12000HD Amp Racks

Crown 12000HD Amp Racks


Laughlin Event Center Ad

JBL S28 Subs w/ VTX Front Fills JBL S28 Subs w/ VTX Front Fills

JBL V25 VTX Line Array Boxes

JBL V25 VTX Line Array Boxes

Image 2

Reba in Concert at Laughlin Event Center

Reba played to a sold out crowd for the opening concert at the new Laughlin Event Center.  AV Vegas Concert Sound & Lighting provided the new JBL VTX Line Array System for the new venue.  The system was powered with Crown’s new 12000HD amplifiers.  Eric Christian, the lead audio guru at AV Vegas said, “I like having the ability to monitor all system functions on my laptop’s screen in JBL’s Performance Manager.”  AV Vegas’ VTX system includes 24 V25 boxes with 6 S28 flyable subs and 6 G28 ground stackable Subs.

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