!!CAUTION!! ~ Name dropping about to happen.

This is the AV Vegas lighting dept. work board. Lots o plots from only the last few months!

Gretchen Wilson
4 tops
Martina McBride
REO Speedwagon
Travis Tritt
Montgomery Gentry
Frank Sinatra Jr.
Paul Anka
and more!!


Lighting work board


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About Chris Holloway

After a few years working in the movie filming industry I decided to make a small change. I went into the live production industry in 1998 with a company that was in its young state. That company was AV Vegas. I was part of the huge growth we seen until 2003 when I decided to get experience in the corporate market. I joined the team at The Bellagio Resort here in Las Vegas. I quickly rose up the ladder where as I was titled "Lead AV Technician / SUPERVISOR" for the remainder of the last year and a half I was there. I wanted to get out of that daily grind to do new interesting and different things! That's why I chose to return to AV Vegas where I now reside as the General Manager.