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Medical conference installed by AV Vegas

Late 2014 AV Vegas was aproached to assist in a semi-difficult design for a large medical conference. The Semi-difficultism was due to the fact that rigging points and the video screen sizes and formats needed for this projects did not exist. The Venue just couldnt give the client the points needed without shifting the overall… Read more: Medical conference installed by AV Vegas

Corporate branding done right!

When gobo’s just aren’t enough, call AV Vegas! Gobo’s are out of style here at AV Vegas! We would love to get the opportunity to show you (our valued customers) just what we can do with a little bit of video mapping! Be on the cutting edge on your next Event! Video Mapping is in… Read more: Corporate branding done right!

Inventory notes:

Well, as you may or may not know… AV Vegas gets the “Lions share” of  the out of town companies coming to Las Vegas to do their shows. Of course that’s great! Yet we still love to handle all of our local venues and clients too! After all, if all of the Las Vegas Hard Rock… Read more: Inventory notes: